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1 January
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Okay then about me! I’m Mitto a mid 20's food lover who likes dogs, musics, costume and period dramas, Britney Spears, movie series and walking in the rain.

I started this blog as an outlet for me to express my love for all things food, dogs and Britney, so I can stop annoying my IRL friends with my rambling.

A fun fact about me; I am quite antisocial and hard to open up but when I do I show the fun crazy side of me that my friends love. And once you’re in my friend circle I am the most loyal person ever. Hopefully blogging on LJ will help me become more confident talking to people.

I'm a huge fan of Borzois, though sadly my own beloved Borzoi, Princess, passed away last year. Even so I enjoy keeping up to date on dogs, pet health, pet products, and Borzoi exercise and nutrition.

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